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Fujitsu NX Manager is easy as 1, 2, 3 (Step #1)

You’ve decided on the Fujitsu fi-7300NX, now what?


To make the most of this, you want to deploy the NX Manager, the network and cloud server software that allows for centralized job application workflow. Why? Because it allows for quick and easy deployment and control of a fleet of network scanners.

BUT one or more of the following apply:

  • Your IT schedule is already full
  • Your IT resources are spread thin
  • Everyone does not share the same skills to complete this integration
  • Server integration is complicated by scanners being in different locations
  • Custom workflows for the scanner are going to take time
Fujitsu NX Manager is easy as 1, 2, 3 (Step #2)

Enter P3iD NX Manager Services & Support.


Making your organization more efficient is what NX Manager is all about. We combine ease of use with the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner, and the feature-rich functionality of NX Manager. Adding to an ever-growing ecosystem of solutions, delivering the ultimate in business productivity.


Whether your business is big or small, or no matter what line of business your organization is in, processing paper documents is often a costly expense. By utilizing the fi-7300NX image scanner, in combination with  NX Manager centralized application management, your organization can now benefit from increased worker productivity. Leverage productivity via direct network-attached scanners which eliminate the need for additional computers, scanner drivers or capture application software.


Fujitsu NX Manager is easy as 1, 2, 3 (Step #3)

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It’s as simple as visiting our NXWorld Shop or filling out a form, choosing a start date and we’re on it.  

Professional Services & Support for Fujitsu NX Manager Server

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See how Alamitos Group benefits from Fujitsu fi-7300NX network scanners and NX Manager workflows.

Attendees will develop a fully functional, customized TWAIN Direct scanning application IN ONE DAY with the direct support and supervision of TWAIN Direct experts during this action-packed day of hands-on development work!

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