NX Manager features

All the Right Features

Making your organization more efficient is what NX Manager is all about. We combine ease of use with the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner, and the feature-rich functionality of NX Manager. Adding to an ever-growing ecosystem of solutions, delivering the ultimate in business productivity.

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Automatically deliver scanned images to back end storage and application systems for workflow, search or analytics

Custom Workflows

Create job workflow profiles based on specific individual or group logins to ensure security and ease of use

Custom User Experience

Create unique user experiences on the scanner’s touchscreen, web browser or mobile interface

Fleet Management

Easily manage and update hundreds of scanners from a simple dashboard to decrease IT burden and reduce costs


Leverage the world class support from both Fujitsu and its growing partner ecosystem of network scanner specialists

Scanner Deployment

Deploy hundreds of scanners with minimal IT overhead by leveraging server based updates/maintenance

World-Class Productivity

Whether your business is big or small, or no matter what line of business your organization is in, processing paper documents is often a costly expense. By utilizing the fi-7300NX image scanner, in combination with  NX Manager centralized application management, your organization can now benefit from increased worker productivity. Leverage productivity via direct network-attached scanners which eliminate the need for additional computers, scanner drivers or capture application software. Reduce system administration costs for deployment and maintenance. The ease of use to scan documents and effectively process them requires no training, which allows you to quickly recoup your investment.

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