Defeat Data Attacks with Document Encryption

Benefit from the value of commodity storage, while continuing to use your own third-party Document Encryption technology.

Secure your most valuable digital assets with the highest level of encryption available in today’s market.

With our unique approach to encryption, you can entrust your data is stored within a secure hybrid environment.

Encryption benefitsHow our encryption works
Bring Your Own Encryption - Secure your Scanned Documents on Fujitsu NX Manager with P3iD Image Document Encryption

bring your own encryption

Do more than simply secure your data. Apply your own encryption technology to commodity storage. Whether on-premise, cloud or a hybrid mixture, BYOE allows flexibility to use storage systems you wish while maintaining complete control of your data security. 

Ubiquitous Access - Secure your Scanned Documents on Fujitsu NX Manager with P3iD Image Document Encryption

ubiquitous access

Enable encryption on Windows, Android, and iOS. Also available via web services API and Windows virtual disk. Interact with your online storage in the identical way you would with local storage.



Single Pane of Glass - Secure your Scanned Documents on Fujitsu NX Manager with P3iD Image Document Encryption

single pane of glass

Ensure data reliability and availability by pooling cloud storage from the same or different storage providers, into virtual disks. Providing security, performance, and redundancy while eliminating single points of failure. 


Effective & Easy Encryption

Deploy encryption requiring no change in user behavior by utilizing the native OS file structure.

Encrypted virtual drives appear to your users just as a standard network drive.

Use web services APIs, to provide tight integrations with current storage systems, providing a higher level of data security.

A higher level of data security for Fujitsu NX Manager
Effective & Easy Encryption

How Our Encryption Works

Our strong encryption and obfuscation scheme is compliant with all current security mandates for PCI DSS, HIPAA, CASB1386, GLBA, DoD 5015.2, and other data protection regulations.

If a cloud storage administrator account is compromised, malicious actors virtually cannot re-assemble and decrypt the data.
Security is further enhanced using best practices.

These include striping data across multiple cloud storage providers, partitioning corporate data across multiple virtual drives, and enabling administrators to grant access for critical data to the few small groups of users who require it.

Now P3iD Document Encryption for Fujitsu NX Manager works

The Steps Performed to Secure Data Written to The Cloud:

  1. Data is encrypted locally, then stripped of its digital identity.
  2. Using a patent-pending algorithm, data is sliced into indiscriminate fragments.
  3. Each fragment is arbitrarily named then issued a unique security key.
  4. Fragments are scattered across randomly generated directories.
  5. Data transmitted to cloud storage is again encrypted over the wire using secure Internet data transmission protocols.
  6. Data is encrypted at rest in the cloud using the cloud storage providers’ native encryption schemes.

Our Encryption Benefits

Encryption has to not only be highly secure but also easy to use and deploy.

The combination of always-on encryption that is simple to use for business users and also efficient for administrators to manage, provides organizations of all sizes for the benefits of encryption without compromise.

hybrid flexibility

Cloud-provider-agnostic, and support for on-premise as well, enables a single virtual drive to use storage from different clouds. Access is unrestricted from any location, eliminating the need for additional hardware VPNs or tokens.

Aggregation & Migration

Enables administrators to aggregate unlimited cloud storage from multiple providers to create virtual drives that scale to fit the needs of any organization.

Administrators can build a storage pool by spanning data across multiple storage containers for performance and bandwidth aggregation. 


Data is encrypted in real time, on the fly during transmission to the cloud storage provider, and at rest, both at the provider and locally, ensuring that third parties cannot make sense of data.




AI Availability

Incorporates an artificial intelligence engine to optimize local caching of data from virtual drives. The AI engine learns how each user works with files, profiling each user’s individual activity.

The system can predict which files each user will need, and cache those files on local storage.


compliance standards

Strong encryption and obfuscation scheme is compliant with all current security mandates for PCI DSS, HIPAA, CASB1386, GLBA, DoD 5015.2, and other data protection regulations.
Benefits of our encryption
seeing is believing

Defeat Data Attacks with Document Encryption now!

The Risk of Data Breaches

Security breaches have become a common occurrence. Smartphones, tablets, Windows desktops, application servers, and infrastructure-as-a-service providers are all susceptible.

Attacks affect both small and large organizations indiscriminately. The consequences can be devastating to operations, company reputations, and financial accounts.

The cost of a data breach may include resuming operations and addressing the security gaps that caused the breach. However, legal liability and regulatory fines can be a tremendous burden as well.

The Risk of Data Breaches for Fujitsu NX Manager

Costs of a Data Breach

Massive data breaches are in the news almost daily.

It’s alarming to realize those are just the publicly disclosed cases. Imagine for a moment, how much data has truly been compromised. Often, the true gravity of a breach is not discovered for days, weeks or months. And in certain instances, even years.

Don’t become another data breach statistic. Strong hybrid data encryption technology is here, and when it’s so easy and affordable to use, why wouldn’t you?






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